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  • Petrodeleves Company was established with the aim of introducing Iranian petroleum and petrochemical products to the Turkish market. In a short time, due to the high demand of the Turkish market and the high quality and fair price of Petrodeleves products such as bitumen, we achieve remarkable results.
  • One of the most prestigious and desirable ways to communicate with the market is to have a presence in the field. Petrodeleves has achieved this because of its presence in the economic heart of Turky (Istanbul). Petrodeleves is a member of Turkey Chamber of Commerce with no: 199262/5

" Company Criteria "

At Petrodeleves, the ethical policies is based on Quality, Customer satisfaction and Global market. We have made our commitment in Petrodeleves team with high performance and experienced people.

"petrodeleves" A Refinery in your pocket!

The Sale Process

We have created various sales methods for your convenience, so you can choose one that suits your needs

Cash Payment


Prepayment 20% to 30%


Bank Guarantee


Contract Sample

A sample public contract has been made available to the public to learn more about the terms of the contract.

Upon specialized contract will be closed according to the specific terms of the contract.

Shipping Methods

Poly Bag\ Jumbo Bag\ Big Bag

The Polybag is filled with bitumen that is exactly cooled down to a temperature slightly higher than the softening point - and lower than the melting point of the plastic liner material of the bag into a special Polyolefin Bag and is let down to harden and become solid for easy handling and cold transportation.

The inner bag is placed in a very solid and firmly designed 3ply outer layer of special polymeric bags. These bags are environmental friendly and safe to handle, as it allows transportation and storage of large quantities of bitumen for long periods of time reducing energy costs and avoiding any left overs in drums or un-necessary heating like in bulk vessels. Also, reducing products heating costs eliminates the cost of recycling and disposal of barrels and other bitumen-related waste.

Send by Barrel

Barrels are one of the most common methods of packing and exporting bitumen. This method is not permitted under EU Standard Law to enter the EU territory. In some cases of distance and destinations, the barrels can be the only possible choice

Bulk shipment

One of the most common and low-cost ways to transport bitumen in bulk is through double tankers equipped with a heating system. This method results in the lowest cost and maximum efficiency. Currently, most applicants in the Turkish market prefer this method. Each Truck carrying a bitumen capacity of about 25 MT. These lead us to carry and unload bitumen in the shortest time and with the least waste

petrochemical products

Petro Deleves


Classification of this product is based on their density, which is introduced with the following titles:




Polypropylene (PP)

Based on the density of its space, this product is introduced with the following titles.





This category of petrochemical products is widely used in the chemicals, dyes and solvents industry due to the importance of security in its transportation, which also has some restrictions.

Polystyrene is divided into four categories based on the difference in impact resistance, heat and power:





Chemical Solvents

This category of petrochemical products is widely used in the chemicals, dyes and solvents industry due to the importance of security in its transportation, which also has restrictions and restrictions.

Analysis of bitumen types

Petro Deleves

Petrodeleves Team

Trust is constructive, achieved by providing the right services.

At all stages of our purchase, our team members will be with you to make your best shopping experience.

Mr. Mahdillo

Mr. Mahdillo

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Mr. Esfandiar

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Ms. Najafi

Research Director

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